Donna Gary

Founder & CEO

Donna Gary started her professional career early.  By the age of 17 she was a copy clerk and court runner for one of Sacramento’s largest law firms. Since that time, she has worked with over 150 attorneys, and now manages the offices of some of Sacramento’s finest legal practices.

Donna has fostered strong relationships with some of the area’s most respected lawyers, allowing her expert insight and connections.  Combined with her experience, Donna provides her clients with superior service.  She comes highly recommended from her clients because of her discretion and ability to handle confidential information.  She has a way of understanding what you, your employees, and your clients need, while maintaining reliability, efficiency and a balanced budget.

Having worked her way up from an entry-level position, Donna has experienced the organizational structure, function, and behavior of a law firm as few people have. Her wisdom and expertise in the area of office management are vast and extraordinary. From the entry-level duties of a receptionist, to the intricacies of partnership calculations, Donna brings all of this to her clients in the form of simple, practical, and effective management solution.