Our Services

Your Team, Our Expertise.

LAS’s expert staff manages the day-to-day operations of law firms, saving you time and money. Take advantage of our custom services eliminating the need to hire full-time staff.  Our staff will show you why enlisting LAS is the best business decision you could make.

LAS employees are highly qualified and bring a wealth of knowledge to the tasks they undertake.  Benefit by  our familiarity with associate, paralegal, staff compensation, and our array of contact resources to advance your business. Our services include office management, human resources, administration, employee files, payroll, billing, and bookkeeping. Each of these tasks can be managed in house or offsite.

Why LAS Consulting

Your practice is new, or you’re adding more attorneys and need to organize around change for your organization.  Who do you go to for answers and business info?  LAS is available on a subscription basis so you can have someone to review everyday office issues with.  An Executive Office Assistant is at your fingertips for weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings that help move your practice forward. 

Consulting subscriptions include:

  • Assigned time to review employee issues, partnership changes, office policies and procedures
  • Newsletter subscription with legal administration best practices, tips and operational procedures
  • Dedicated expert to handle your business who becomes your go-to staff member on the LAS team

Keep on top of client needs by talking with a LAS staff member to advise on “touch it once tickler systems,” email management, and what you should do and shouldn’t do to move your firm forward.

Deep Legal Practice Expertise

The LAS team’s years of experience and long relationships with law firms across the US give them a unique ability to consult with your team on a variety of topics, including:

  • Partnership Planning: salaries, bonus structure, equity vs. non, mergers, new partners,etc.
  • Efficiency Coaching: emails, tasks, client management, document management.
  • Office Management Training / Coaching: Bookkeeping, client trust account, office structure & org, HR staffing models, business efficiency.
  • Organization Development Coaching: Administrative information management to manage partner and staff strategic information management to keep efficiencies.

Strategic Financial Consulting

Assistance on compensation and profit sharing agreements

One of the biggest challenges a firm faces is how to compensate partners for the varying contributions each may make to the firm. Some partners are rainmakers; others are workhorses; and still others are technical.  With well over 100 firms that LAS has assisted over the years, the best practices, and the worst, have been observed. LAS brings this extensive experience to the table with the law firms they work with.

CPA consulting

Consult with CPAs on what they want, how they want the tax returns and year-end financials to be reported, including tax prep, planning, quarterly tax deposts.  Understand appropriate employee salaries for attorneys by years of expertise and skill range, get input on firm pay scale and ranges reporting. Compare public and private scales and staffing models.

Partnerships outlining is also a key area in which LAS can assist.  With the knowledge of attorneys who are looking for making a change, LAS can assist in “pairing” the right attorneys to make for the perfect partnership.