Why LAS?

LAS is your Law Office Administrator and CFO at your fingertips — when you need us.

  • Partnership Planning: salaries, bonus structure, equity vs. non, mergers, new partners, etc.
  • Efficiency Coaching: Timekeeper hourly requirements and reports; staff efficiency
  • Office Management Training/Coaching: Bookkeeping, client trust account, office structure & organization, HR staffing models, business efficiency

Assistance on compensation and profit sharing agreements

One of the biggest challenges a firm faces is how to compensate partners for the varying contributions each may make to the firm. Some partners are rainmakers; others are workhorses; and still others are technical.  With well over 100 firms that LAS has assisted over the years, the best practices, and the worst, have been observed. LAS brings this extensive experience to the table with the law firms they work with.

CPA Consulting

LAS can assist your CPA to get them the financials they need for your tax return as well as assist with your quarterly tax deposits and reporting.